Guaranteed results in 8 weeks

What is 8 Weeks With Aimee?

Have you tried crash diets? How about detox teas? Pounded the treadmill for hours?

If the answer is yes – the fact you’re reading this would suggest you haven’t seen drastic changes that they guarantee. My PROMISE to you is that 8 Weeks with Aimee is NOT just another quick fix, it’s not a one size fits all crash diet. Its an 8 Week journey where I will teach you my secrets & give you the tools to leave you looking & feeling amazing – not just for 8 weeks but FOREVER.

What’s Included?


Real Results & Feedback

Don’t let another year go by where you don’t lose the weight you’ve promised you would. Let me help you do it the right way – with effective workouts and a sensible, healthy diet.


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